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Ad Types and Positions offers several ad formats and numerous targeted page locations. Consult our sales representative for a complete list of online opportunities and specific audience counts and targeting.

Top/Bottom Banner Ad: This placement is available as a shared space on any Web page. Up to five advertisers rotate randomly on a page, displaying each banner ad to 20% of the viewing traffic. Advertisers also have the option of buying additional views, if available.

Side Box Ad: Want a large, prominent ad but also want it to appear to 100% of all page visitors? A side box ad is the perfect option. Side ads randomly change position with each visit (or page refresh) but are always visible to every viewer of the page. Most pages have no more than four side ads, meaning you are in the top position 25% of the time.

Run-of-Site Top Button: Reach every visitor to with our run-of-site top button ad. This ad is located at the top-right of every page of in order to give you complete site exposure. The ad position is available on a monthly basis. It is especially ideal for events, Webinars and other time-sensitive advertising.

Additional Page placements are also available.

Online Ad Specifications

Online advertising size given in pixels

Top Banner
728w x 90h 

Side Box Ad
300w x 250h 

Bottom Banner
728w x 90h 

Run-of-Site Button Ad
195w x 90h 

Format: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF or Flash file (swf)
File Size: Image should be no larger than 40k. If saving in GIF format make sure files are saved at no higher than 5-bit with dither set to none. This will ensure optimal download speed.
Animation: We recommend no more than five images with a total duration of no more than 15 seconds. Continuous looping is allowed. No image should refer to an external server.
URL: Any URLs referenced from within the HTML must be active.


Free Online Ad Design

Simply provide us with some basic instructions, text and your logo and we will take care of the rest. We do require at least a six-month advertising contract when receiving ad creation services.

For pricing and availabilty contact a representative at 760-415-7669 or

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